Stone Veneers House Home

Type of Veneers: Stone Veneers House Home

There are primarily two types of authentic stone veneers that can be used to veneer a house.  The first application are stones that are broken and shaped not exceeding six inches in width. These stones are installed on a concrete or block shelve placed along the perimeter of the foundation.

The second type of stone veneer are either naturally shaped flat stones or stones that have been pre-cut. The stone s cut to approximately two inches in width. Both applications are adhered to a concrete block or a solid concrete wall using traditional concrete mortar. Stone Veneers House Home

Six Inch Veneers:

On a wooden structure the exterior wall needs to have a water, moister barrier installed prior to the stone veneer. This materiel usually being Tyvec or a material equivalent is used to insure that the moister stays on the exterior at all times. The next step is to install galvanized strips of metal using galvanized screws inserted into the sub framing structure on a wall. Installing tabs is necessary to insure that the stone veneer permanently stays adhered to the wall.

The below photos are examples of six inch veneers.

The same principal utilizing galvanized tags applies to installing a six inch veneer on a concrete block or a solid concrete wall. With this type application a moister barrier is not necessary.

Flat Stone Veneers:

When using flat stones that are one to two inches in thickness, adhering this stone to a concrete wall if fairly simple. This is the most common application here in Costa Rica.  The shapes of the stones are random so it is much like constructing a puzzle on a wall. Choosing a stone to place in a given location is a skill and the stones are usually cut and chipped to fit more uniformly with evenly sized joints for a nicer appearance. This type stone is almost always purchased in a stone yards and is available here in Costa Rica.

Pre-Cut Stone Veneers:

In the recent years Diamond tip blades have become affordable to purchase. This has allowed for the opportunity of all stone types to be cut to a two inch width and applied on structures in the same fashion as the traditional flat stones.  It is recommended to use a special polymer mortar thin set that is designed to specifically adhere heavy stones to a concrete or block wall. The stones in all four samples were custom cut and shaped as needed to create the stone patterns displayed.  

Below are some sample boards of this type of stone veneer available here in Costa Rica. The grey shaded rock on the bottom right is native river stones obtained locally. The stones have been custom shaped and cut with a diamond blade for instillation as a two inch wide veneer.   

A stone project completed in Costa Rica: 

This project was completed in Quepos. All the Mullion stones used in this application were custom cut and installed as a veneer.  This is look is similar in appearance as to the appearance of a patio or walk with the exception that the joints would be pointed to keep water out. This stone was also treated with a exterior masonry urethane to enhance the natural colors of the stone.

Miscellaneous Veneer Photos:

These photos depicted below are some examples of prior projects in progress as well as some photos of custom made arches and so on.  

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