Dry Look Fireplace’s

Below are examples of stone veneers installed on various Fireplaces. The last photo depicted below is a stone Fire Pit that I had constructed here in Costa Rica using local river stone. Fireplaces

In modern times placing a stone face on a fire place is basically a stone veneer much like placing a stone veneer on an existing structure. Modern fire place structures in these days are mostly constructed using concrete block prior to a stone veneer. The fire box itself and the chimney flue need to be installed properly to avoid back draft and a potential fire hazard.  In the old days a fire place was constructed out of only rock and concrete, but it was usually a stand alone unit with the home usually built around the stone structure so to speak. This was not an easy task and required a skilled stone mason.

When the structure is concrete block, galvanized strips of metal are installed in between the blocks for the anticipated stone veneer instillation at the final faze. This is done to insure that the veneer will stay adhered to the structure. The concrete block structure is where most of the work is when constructing a chimney and fire box prior to installing the stone veneer.