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Welcome To The Rockologist's  Home page.  The Rockologist's concept was originally established in New York State in the mid 1990s. The  business was sold when the founder relocated to Costa Rica.  Now over ten years out of the construction business, we would like to re-establish The Rockologist's concept here in Costa Rica.  

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All the photos located on this website are original taken from work completed by The Rockologists mostly in New York, & New Jersey.  Above all, we offer a full spectrum in stone instillation no matter what your imagination for a stone project may be. Located here at Veneers, you can view some work completed here in C.R.


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The Rockologist's offer a superior product and service from start to finish!

Brief History:

The majority of the stone projects displayed on this website were constructed using field stones located on site. The stones were usually obtained from the property boarders lines. Consequently when farming, the farmers placed the tilled stones along the outer edges of the farm. 

Other Stone:

There are also examples of various Stone Projects using the stone that was blasted from the Ledge Rock prior to constructing the home site. Above all, our specialty was to use stone obtained locally when available. Most of the flat stones of various colors and thicknesses displayed were purchased from the numerous stone yards located in the area. There are stone yards located here in Costa Rica, although the verity may be limited.

A commentary and costs:

While soliciting work here in Costa Rica, it appears that most have little understanding as to why they feel that the visual appearance of the stone work installed by The Rockologist's is aesthetically more pleasing to their eyes. 

The simple fact is that in order to create a more visually appealing stone work facade, it takes a lot more time, skill and effort to construct it. 

Most of the stone work I observe here in C.R. are installations that are preformed rapidly and without the artistic effort and skill a truly good stone mason can offer.  Quality stone work simply can not be installed rapidly when crafting every stone by hand and installing the stones artistically creating a visually pleasing appearance that you may appreciate here at this web site?

On average, our labor costs to install stone are double to triple the amount of your standard Tico stone mason. The C.R. industry standard costs are approximately 15 - 20 mil per square face meter. The average Tico stone mason with a helper and vehicle can install 3 to 5 square face meters per day. Depending on the type of stone and the stone look that you are interested in installing.  On average, myself with a helper can install 1 to 2 square face meters per day.  

Most assume we are not competitive at the standard Tico prices and therefore it is assumed that we are making a lot more money for the same size standard stone project.

The facts are; we are spending two to three times longer to complete a given stone project; We are working daily as hard as your average Tico stone mason, usually 10 hour days; Have the same expenses to arrive and work on a daily basis, but for a longer duration of time.  

Simply stated, we cannot offer our product & services at a competitive cost and ultimately end up working daily for sub standard wages. 

In conclusion, if you are someone who truly appreciates quality stone work and a service up to U.S. standards and understand clearly what I am stating here above as truth, than please do contact us for a price quote.

Sincerely, Rob

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